1. Application

2. Personal information

Make sure you upload a picture wich is the same as your passport photo (or has the same restrictions) All other photos won't be accepted.

Make sure you upload a picture which is a valid ID (passport or ID card). All other pictures won't be accepted

3. Previous education

4. Occupation & Internships

5. Financial support

Government loan or grant
employer sponsorship
family/self support

6. How did you hear about Design Academy Eindhoven?

DAE website
other, namely

7. Application checklist

Application form The application form holds general contact and personal information, your working experience and previous education and information about the financial support you will have for your studies.
Valid copy of your passport
Digital portrait picture of you
Digital upload of your Bachelor degree or Students who are graduating later in the year 2017 must upload a certificate, issued by the Board of Exams of the educational institution, reporting that you are regularly enrolled for the bachelor level exam and the exam date.
Curriculum Vitae / Resume Practical details: please use a pdf format. Make sure that you reduce the pdf file size before you upload the document. Upload an updated version of your work resume.
One minute introduction movie (MP4) Practical details: you can only upload a movie as MP4 format through the following browsers: google, firefox, Explorer, Google+, Safari and IOS. Upload a one minute movie in which you introduce yourself to the selection team. Who are you, what kind of designer are you, why do you want to study at the masters etc.
Digital Portfolio Practical details: please use a pdf format with both pictures and text. Make sure that you reduce the pdf file size before you upload the document. The purpose of the portfolio is to show a selection of your work, interests and fascinations. It should reflect who you are as creative person, your position in the (design) world and your vision. We ask you to prepare a PDF were you can include images of your concepts and products, experiences of research, design-related or not. Sketches, unfinished or conceptual work can also be included in the portfolio.
Admission procedure I read the information about the admission procedure on the DAE website: